bezramowe przeszklenia tarasów system Vizyon SCS

"Advantages of frameless mobile glazing systems for terrace glazing: Ultra-modern comfort and style"

Glazing a terrace is a key aspect of creating a cosy and functional space in the house. Among the various glazing options, frameless mobile systems deserve special attention. Here's why they are becoming increasingly popular and what advantages they offer:

It is not very correct when someone uses the ignorance of the end consumer to their advantage. We often have to explain that sliding systems for double-glazed windows, namely - Guillotine, sliding, folding type "booklet" - are not warm systems. The presence of double-glazed windows in the system does not automatically make the system warm! No no and one more time no!

The concept of sliding frameless glazing system has relatively recently appeared on the market of translucent constructions. The market for sliding frameless glazing is derived from two markets – the market of frameless glazing or solid glass constructions and the market of aluminum sliding systems. Solid glass constructions are convenient because you can glaze any openings in width and height with a continuous transparent wall, but they always remain motionless.

безрамное раздвижное остекление фото

In the previous article, we talked about the concept of sliding frameless glazing and touched on the topic of Vizyon sliding frameless system types. In this article, we will talk about the features of each Vizyon frameless sliding system. This is not yet technical material, but the information below will help you better navigate when choosing a system.

So, Vizyon frameless sliding systems can be conditionally divided into types in terms of fastening and opening:

безрамное раздвижное остекление террас Vizyon SCS-L


In this review, we will describe in more detail the design of Vizyon SCS-L, X sliding frameless systems. So, in previous reviews, we have already noted that these systems can be of 3 and 5 rail, and these systems are lower support type.

Vizyon vbs bezramnoe ostekleniye balkonov

Vizyon VBS frameless sliding system of balcony type is the most famous and popular version of the sliding frameless glazing, not only in the Vizyon TM product line, but all over the world. Because of a large number of manufacturers of such balcony type systems, it is very difficult to understand at first glance how they differ from each other. What is the peculiarity? Do frameless balcony type sliding systems differ in somewhat? Do they look the same and also open according to the same principle?

If you are not familiar with types of Vizyon frameless sliding systems, or you may be familiar with it, but cannot determine which Vizyon frameless sliding system is more suitable, then this article will help you to figure out and choose the best option that will satisfy your needs, whether it is a veranda, summer house, balcony, loggia, terrace, summer area of the restaurant or open space in the office.

We have already written how to choose a sliding frameless glazing system, if you have not read it, go here. Today we will pay attention to those situations when it is not entirely clear which Vizyon frameless sliding system is still better for a specific situation. So here we will give technical material that will help you choose exactly what you need.

Vizyon  безрамное остекление и тепло

You’ve built a summer house, terrace, barbecue area. You used it for some time and realized that it was standing in the dust all the time, it was impossible to stay there when the weather is bad, it was impossible to exploit it in winter. As a result, your dream is slowly turning into a place to store unnecessary items or a refuge for animals. And at some point you decide that you still need to glaze it. You have a choice between frame systems with heating (we keep it warm, but it loses attractive sight) and cold frameless sliding systems (not warm).

Vizyon VBS бесшумная конструкция

Do you know that under strong wind loads any frameless system of a balcony type, no matter who is the manufacture, has the ability to tremble? Why? Because the roller groove in the molding is slightly larger than the roller size, as it is technically conceived for the correct operation of the system. After all, aluminum has the property of expanding and narrowing, respectively, the roller should have enough space for a smooth ride.


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