What is a sliding frameless glazing system?

The concept of sliding frameless glazing system has relatively recently appeared on the market of translucent constructions. The market for sliding frameless glazing is derived from two markets – the market of frameless glazing or solid glass constructions and the market of aluminum sliding systems. Solid glass constructions are convenient because you can glaze any openings in width and height with a continuous transparent wall, but they always remain motionless. Sliding aluminum systems are convenient because relatively large openings can also be sliding, but the drawback is aluminum frames, that is, there is no effect of panoramic visibility.

Appearance of sliding frameless systems made it possible to combine the advantages of these two types of translucent constructions and even increase the number of possible technical solutions for various types of openings and structures. Due to the use of aluminum guide moldings, leaves are very easy to open and close. The use of tempered (safe) glass makes the design of sliding frameless systems safer than any translucent construction where a multiple glazing with raw (not tempered) glass is used.

However, sliding frameless systems have one limitation – a sliding frameless system cannot be installed as a partition between a warm and a cold room. Sliding frameless systems belong to the cold type of translucent constructions. They can be installed only inside heated rooms (office partitions, interior) or in unheated rooms (terraces, summer houses).

Where is this type of glazing used?

Office and retail premises obtained such an indispensable technical solution as the Vizyon KCS system. Top-hung system with and without parking, in the version of Vizyon KCS-L, Vizyon KCS-X accordion (all leaves are interconnected by hinges) with zoning according to the intended planning. Be it a meeting room only when it is necessary. Be it a store where you can fully open a display case for working period.  

Terraces, summer houses and areas, restaurants - the main problem that any owner of such premises faces is constant dust, wind, rainfall. For restaurants and bars owners this is the constant passage of customers from room to the area and back. This is a short summer season due to weather conditions. For terraces and summer houses owners operation begins with cleaning regardless of when it was last used, yesterday or a month ago. An indispensable solution for such objects was  Vizyon SCS-L, Vizyon SCS-X, Vizyon VBS. system. The systems are easy to operate; lower support slide systems are often used on summer terraces. Also, a Vizyon VBS of balcony type system is very often installed in summer platforms or in the openings of summer houses..

Balconies, yes, we mean balconies. Once metal plastic windows burst into our life and became an excellent alternative to wooden windows, it does not need such care, they are more airtight. But in warm weather everyone wants to open all the windows. Especially in the summer, when on the balcony, like in an aquarium, the sun heated the room. And here again we decide to use  Vizyon VBS. VBS sliding frameless systems. This system is designed specifically for balconies; it is as tight as possible. When closed, there is a solid glass wall in front of you; when opened, all the leaves are parked at any convenient place (predetermined). Vizyon VBS system has a ventilation system and a child lock.

These are the main types of frameless glazing systems. But, the market does not stand still and new developments appear, such as  Vizyon VGS system of a guillotine type, which is mainly used in summer areas of restaurants. Vizyon VDS system is a system similar to Vizyon VBS , instead of tempered single glass, a multiple glazing is used. We will consider more detailed description of all these systems in the following articles.

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