Vizyon VBS frameless sliding glazing – features and benefits 

Balconies, terraces and glazed frameless arbors have become one of the most popular design solutions. They not only look great and add the effect of transparency and light to the room, but also are very functional. All the doors of the balcony can be moved in one direction to enjoy summer coolness. The only thing you should do to obtain this effect is to choose the correct sliding system without a built-in frame. Vizyon VBS is one of the best in this segment.

Parameter Value
System type Balcony, top-supported and bottom-supported
Thickness of tempered glass, mm 8-10
Max. panel width, mm 650
Max. panel height, mm 2500

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Areas of use of the system:

  1. For balconies and loggias of any shape. The system is very flexible and during its installation it is possible to perform various turns and create the necessary angles.
  2. For frameless sliding glazing of a veranda, gazebo or terrace. It is important to take into account that the structure is equipped with a high bottom profile, so it should be installed in places without constant passage of people.
  3. For glazing patios, barbecue areas or summer verandas of cafes and restaurants. In this case, the design will add a special charm to them and help the establishment stand out from the competition.

Principle of operation:

The initial sash of the structure is always hinged. During its opening, all other sashes also gradually slide into its place and open. Thus, they are stacked at the edge of the system at right angles to the glazing line.

Functional features of frameless sliding glazing VBS Vizyon:

  • Parameters: the maximum width of one sash is 650 mm. height - 2300 mm. The total length of the VBS Vizyon sliding frameless glazing system is virtually unlimited.
  • The design easily bypasses corners and can be installed in openings with turns. This allows you to mount the VBS Vizyon frameless glazing system even on the most original and complex balconies.
  • In the parking lot, all sashes are fixed using a special movable stop of a modern design. Such a simple mechanism avoids the typical problems of such glazing systems and securely fixes the sashes in the parking lot.
  • The profiles inside the structure are not symmetrical. This allows each roller to move freely without hitting the others.
  • On request, the structural profiles can be easily painted to look like marble or wood. Also VBS Vizyon profiles can be supplied anodized. This option does not require painting, looks aesthetically pleasing and does not lend itself to corrosion and peeling.
  • The system uses only special tempered glass with a thickness of 6 to 10 mm. It is suitable for installation at high altitude.
  • There are high-quality plastic seals between the glasses. They freely transmit light and do not spoil the overall appearance of the structure.

Why buy frameless sliding glazing systems VBS Vizyon:

  1. Modern design. The system allows you to create the appearance of a solid glass wall. No more untidy profiles and partitions.
  2. Possibility of additional decor. Glass can be artistically processed. It is amenable to tinting, applying matted images, full-fledged coloring, engraving, etc.
  3. Always fresh air. Almost 100% opening of the opening will allow you to provide the necessary climate conditions on the balcony or loggia and always be able to enjoy the cool breeze.
  4. Security. The design uses special impact-resistant glass, which can easily withstand strong gusts of wind and heavy rainfall even at high altitudes. Also, the glazing system is equipped with special locking locks that will protect it from breaking.
  5. Practicality. The shutters move easily and are securely fixed in the parking lot. Thanks to special roller carriages and the design of the bearing profiles, this process is absolutely silent.
  6. Convenience. The sashes of the VBS Vizyon frameless sliding glazing system are arranged perpendicularly in the parking lot, which greatly simplifies their cleaning.
  7. Reliability. The profiles are made of high quality aluminum and are resistant to corrosion. Other parts are made of durable stainless steel. Unlike other similar systems, there are no plastic components in VBS Vizyon rollers, which significantly increases their service life. All these factors contribute to the long and trouble-free operation of the system. In the event of a malfunction, the sections are freely replaced on the spot.
  8. Installation variability. It is possible to install the glazing system without or with side profiles. Fixing the glass with a special adhesive eliminates the need to make holes in it, and thus reduces the pressure on the sash. A special glue roller is also formed, which additionally protects the glass from falling out.

Thus, the VBS Vizyon frameless sliding glazing system is ideal for any balconies, loggias, terraces or gazebos. It is practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, if you like fresh air and transparent walls, be sure to pay attention to this frameless glazing system.

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