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In the previous article, we talked about the concept of sliding frameless glazing and touched on the topic of Vizyon sliding frameless system types. In this article, we will talk about the features of each Vizyon frameless sliding system. This is not yet technical material, but the information below will help you better navigate when choosing a system.

So, Vizyon frameless sliding systems can be conditionally divided into types in terms of fastening and opening:

- top-hung  (KCS, KCS-L, KCS-X, KCS-Butterfly, VTS)

- lower support  (SCS-L, SCS-X)

- balcony type  (VBS, VDS)

guillotine type  (VGS)

- terrace type  (VBS-X, VBS-L)

Vizyon top-hung systems  KCSKCS-LKCS-XKCS-ButterflyVTS

These systems have a quite wide range of applications: terraces, office partitions, shopping centers, restaurants. Systems are very convenient, because they do not have a lower guide. On the upper guide leaves either fold into one side( KCS-X, KCS-L accordions, leaves are additionally connected by hinges),or they are pulled out of the opening and folded into the parking area(KCS). A leaf fastening on the bottom is carried out by special latches. The weight of the panel is hold by the upper guide and rollers, therefore, when installing frameless sliding systems of this type, special attention should be paid to the preparation of the upper fastening. 


lower support systems Vizyon SCS-L, Vizyon SCS-X.

Application range is unlimited. It can be installed as interior partitions, office partitions, glazed terraces, balconies, etc. Lower support systems are convenient, because construction weight presses on the floor, since the rollers are located in the lower guide molding. All the leaves are interconnected by special labyrinths and when opening or closing leaves pull one another. It is not necessary to fold each leaf separately; it is enough to pull the first one and all the others will fold according to the “train” principle. Also, these labyrinths and special anti-vandal latches do not allow you to remove the leaf when it is closed. Vizyon lower support sliding frameless systems may be of 3 and 5 rails, with and without a threshold


balcony and terrace type Vizyon VBS, Vizyon VDS, Vizyon VBS-L, Vizyon VBS-X

In sliding frameless glazing, the balcony type does not mean at all that the system can only be used on balconies. This means that they are more airtight compared to other sliding frameless glazing systems. In Vizyon VBS systems of the balcony type, a drainage system is provided due to the drip molding, as well as ventilation system and child lock. A silicone seal is installed between the leaves. Due to the upper and lower rollers, each leaf moves smoothly and rotates perpendicular to the opening; thereby opening is made free by almost 95%. This type of sliding frameless systems is the most popular due to its functionality and cost. But Vizyon VDS system has become a novelty for balcony type systems. This is the only system for multiple glazing. Due to the use of a double-glazed window, the system has better sound insulation and less heat loss compared to the VBS. system. The popularity of Vizyon VDS frameless glazing system is just starting to gain momentum.

guillotine type Vizyon VGS

A new type of sliding frameless glazing system. Operation principle: 3 leaves vertically lower and rise due to the side rails. This system only works with automatics. It gained its popularity among the summer areas of restaurants due to its ease of use and functionality. In the open state, the system forms a railing.   


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