Vizyon KCS-L sliding frameless glazing system with accordion fold

Vizyon KCS-L frameless sliding bellows – type glass curtain

Glass walls and sliding glass curtains have always been very popular among developers and consumers. With the help of such construction, it is possible not only to glaze a balcony or a terrace, but also to split the room into zones. Top-hinged models are most valued, since they are more functional and require less effort to install. Vizyon KCS-L is one of the best innovations in this segment. These systems of sliding frameless glazing have an original design and a number of advantages that you will never find in any other similar model.

Parameter Value
System type Top-hinged
Thickness of tempered glass, mm 10
Max. panel width, mm 1000
Max. panel height, mm 3000

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Vizyon KCS-L sliding frameless glazing system with accordion fold

Glass walls and sliding frameless glazing systems have long been very popular among developers and consumers. With the help of such structures, you can not only glaze a balcony or a veranda, but also divide the room into zones. Top-hung models are especially appreciated. They are more functional and require less installation effort. One of the best new products in this segment is the Vizyon KCS-L. These frameless glazing systems have an original design and a number of advantages that are absent in other similar models

What is Vizyon KCS-L intended use:

1. Sliding frameless glazing systems for verandas, terraces, summer areas. Due to the lack of a protruding lower molding, such systems will not the people from passing through. At the same time, these sliding parts move very easily and simply, and turn your terrace or summer house from closed to open one.

2. It is used in order to create mobile partitions in offices, banks, various kinds of institutions. Using Vizyon KCS-L systems, you can divide a room into zones, create a conference room or workspace, and organize several stores on the same retail space. In this case, the system can be moved at any time, creating a free passage between zones of the room.

Vizyon KCS-L system design features:

Vizyon KCS-L system’s doors are connected to each other by hinges and are moved with the help of reliable roller carriages along the upper bearing molding. The lower molding in such models is missing, which makes the installation much easier, and the system itself is safe for people to pass.

Another feature of such variation of frameless sliding glazing system is the lack of a parking molding. Another of the features of such variations of the frameless sliding glazing system is the lack of a parking profile. In the Vizyon KCS-L, all rollers are placed in the middle of the door. When opened, the doors are fold as accordion to the middle of the opening and are placed there perpendicularly.

The maximum height of such a system is 3000 mm; width of one door is 1000 mm. The total length of the system is virtually unlimited.

10 reasons to buy Vizyon KCS-L frameless glazing systems:

  1. Unicity. There are simply no models of sliding frameless glazing with a similar opening/closing system on the Ukrainian market.
  2. Speed. Thanks to accordion fold doors, the Vizyon KCS-L systems doors open and close much faster than other frameless glazing systems.
  3. Almost 100% opening. Doors are parked perpendicularly in the middle of the opening or behind it. This means that when opening the entire area is made free and you can safely ventilate the room, arrange a passage or just enjoy the freshness.
  4. Absence of a lower threshold. Thanks to this feature, the Vizyon KCS-L systems are ideal for glazing verandas, terraces or creating mobile walls in places with regular passage of people. There will no longer be any danger of tripping over a high threshold.
  5. No jumpers. System has no internal molding. Therefore, you get a solid glass wall and nothing will spoil its design and prevent you from enjoying wonderful views.
  6. Reliability. Molding and mechanical details of this construction are made of high-quality aluminum and high-strength plastic. They can be freely used in external openings and are not susceptible to corrosion. In roller carriages, only closed bearings are used, which cannot be damaged by moisture and dirt and ensure a quiet and smooth doors movement. Due to these factors, the Vizyon KCS-L systems are not only very reliable in operation, but also durable.
  7. High quality glass. Impact resistant tempered glass with a thickness of 8 or 10 mm is used. It easily copes with serious loads, withstands large gusts of wind. In case of a break, such a glass does not form sharp particles.
  8. Any kind of decor. The system itself looks modern and aesthetically pleasing, and easily fits into any interior. But, if necessary, you can paint the molding in any color, decorate the glass with a pattern, tint it or make it matte.
  9. Easy installation. Due to the lack of embed lower molding, the installation of the structure is greatly simplified and can be carried out even after the completion of the main repair work.
  10. Attractive price. Vizyon KCS-L systems cost is quiet affordable. Especially when you consider all of the above advantages and the absence of similar offers on the Ukrainian market. 

Photo KCS-L

Video KCS-L

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