How to choose frameless glazing system and what is its price?

frameless glazing of terraces Vizyon VTS system

How to choose the Vizyon frameless sliding system and what is its price?

If you are only interested in the price, then you should go to the bottom of the article. If it is important to understand what this system is, then we continue reading. So, it’s not a simple question when you understand that sliding frameless systems are different and they all can fold, move apart, and be parked. But how can I understand which one is suitable in my case? But, in fact, not everything is as complicated as it might seem right away.

So, first of all, we determine where he sliding frameless system is planned to be installed:

Frameless glazing indoors

KCS, VTS, KCS-L, KCS-X  - Top-hung  SCS-L, SCS- X- Lower support  

Frameless glazing outdoors

KCS, KCS-L, KCS-X VTS, SCS-L, VBS-L If the glazed opening will be a passage

VBS, SCS-X, VNS, VBS-X, VDS If the glazed opening won’t be a passage or half of the opening is glazed from the top to the railing or to the plinth wall.

Readiness of frameless glazing opening

SCS-L, SCS-X -  if all repair work is completed and after a while it became clear that without additional protection it’s not comfortable, and you can’t break anything

 VBS, VNS, VBS-X, VDS, VBS-L –  it is permissible to fasten the construction around the opening perimeter in the form of self-tapping screws.

KCS, VTS, KCS-L, KCS-X  - Vizyon top-hung sliding frameless systems require a metal frame for fastening, therefore it is installed only at the construction stage or requires additional work before and after installation, if the opening was finished.

Frameless glazing opening options

SCS-L, SCS-X – Vizyon lower support sliding frameless systems do not require any special preparation, the lower guide in the SCS L system is glued, therefore it can be installed on parquet, tile and other floor coverings. The upper guide is lightweight aluminum, and besides its weight does not withstand any other load. It is not subject to opening changes, as it has sufficient clearance to compensate these changes.

VBS, VNS, VBS-X, VBS-LVDS – the load is distributed equally between the upper and lower guide. It is very demanding on the ideal opening plane both at the bottom and the top. Such Vizyon sliding frameless systems cannot be installed in openings between a living tree. Optimum is concrete, metal.

KCS, VTS, KCS-L, KCS-X – can be fastened directly to a rigid base, concrete or metal frame. The entire weight of the glass lies on the top rail. There are special requirements for places where glass will be collected in a pile.

Folding principle and the frequency of frameless glazing use

SCS-L, SCS-X – each leaf has a hook with an adjacent leaf; all the leaves move and remain in the opening plane in form of telescope. Leaves do not unfold, therefore, such sliding frameless systems are indispensable when, on the one hand, the task is to make the opening free, and on the other hand there is simply no place for turning the leaves indoors. These sliding systems are very convenient for intense use.

VBS, VNS, VBS-X, VDS, KCS, VTSVBS-L – folding principle of this Vizyon frameless sliding system is the same, leaf goes along the guide and at the end of the opening unfolds and becomes perpendicular to the opening. Such frameless sliding systems open 95% of the opening. Due to the fact that each leaf is independent of adjacent leaf, it is possible to choose how many openings to leave free and which part to be closed.

 KCS-L, KCS-X - accordion fold principle when all the leaves are fold together, so that the entire opening may be opened just with one movement.


The cost of frameless glazing in finished form per sq. M.

SCS-L, SCS-X, - from 140 in euro

VBS, VNS, VBS-X, VDS, VBS-L – from 150 in euro

VTS – from 180 in euro

KCS-L, KCS-X – from 300 in euro

KCS – from 350 in euro

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