How to buy a cheap and high-quality sliding frameless system

There is already a lot of sliding frameless glazing systems on the Ukrainian market. It can be Chinese, Spanish, German, and Turkish variant. It seems that everyone already understands what frameless sliding glazing is, a panoramic balcony, frameless sliding systems. Do you agree? But everyone faces the same question. Why is there such a difference in cost? Why do some companies offer 110 - 120 USD per sq. m, while other companies - 150 USD per sq. m and more? Visually, all systems seem to be the same. Of course, no one likes to overpay, therefore, when we find the cheapest option on the market, we want to believe that we are very lucky.



But the matter of luck will be clear during operation. In this article we will try to explain this price difference, and you will make the choice yourself.



And the most interesting thing is that visually it is difficult to understand what the difference between these systems is. Probably, as when choosing clothes, all jeans look the same, but during operation (fabric, color, accessories) we wear some jeans for ages, while others turn into a rag in one year.


So, the cheapest price segment on the market is:

1. Chinese systems and Turkish systems that are produced for Turkey domestic market. But what is the basis for these systems to offer such a low price?

- galvanized hardware, instead of stainless steel, not shockproof plastic is used, metal hardware is replaced by plastic.

- parking areas are made of plastic, when operated improperly, such areas may be damaged quickly, replacement requires complete dismantling of the frame.

- aluminum allow with additives cannot withstand large loads.

- functionality is limited, there is no child lock, locks for doors falling out, cornering, the number of leaves folding on one side, ability to adjust gaps, ventilation systems.



2. Spanish systems are the middle price segment. There is one very serious drawback in our area. Instead of rollers, the system uses sliding carriages that do not work at low temperatures, so that it is simply not possible to move the door. Once again, if we compare the roller system or sliding carriage sliding system, then the door is easier to move the one with the rollers. If Chinese manufacturers produced sliding carriage systems, they probably would have been even cheaper than the Chinese systems that already are present on our market. But even Chinese manufacturers did not copy this type of system, since it is very limited in operation in temperature conditions. There is one more drawback, these systems cannot withstand more load, therefore, they have restrictions on leaves size. But, it is worth noting an advantage, in this system one of the leaves may be used as a sliding door or as a leaf at the same time.


3. German, and Turkish systems. Average and above average cost for world brands. These systems, which have passed technical tests, have received international quality certificates and are represented almost all over the world. his means that the systems were able to win the competition with the systems of countries internal markets where they are sold.

What should you look at when considering what you are dealing with? Everything is very simple:

  1. Product range: have more than one or two systems, at least 15 product types. Do not confuse when one supplier collected 15 types of systems from different manufactures.
  2. Functionality: what is the functionality of such a system, which angles it passes, is there a balcony ventilation system, leaves locks, what is the service, is the system fails, etc.

  3. Hardware quality is very easy to check, just look at the leaf maximum parameters, which are indicated in technical catalogues, the maximum width and height, as well as the maximum number of leaves that can be parked in one place.

  4. Technical documentation: large plants usually have no problems with such documentation; many key solutions have already been prepared and drawn.


In pursuit of a customer, many unscrupulous sellers can simply take advantage of the buyer's ignorance. Therefore, we will provide the basic information that we often hear from our customers and consider it necessary to clarify is it true.

Be careful if you hear

  1. . We sell Ukrainian systems, but still there are no developers of frameless sliding systems in Ukraine so far. In order to develop it, one must have colossal practical experience. Ukrainian market of sliding frameless systems is still in the initial stage of development, therefore, none of the companies can boast of such experience as German or Turkish plants. But in Ukraine there are those who can simply copy systems in a visual manner. But in frameless sliding systems, in addition to the molding itself, hardware plays a critical part, so that only large manufacturer with a worldwide reputation can guarantee a high quality.


  2. Under the same Ukrainian brand, cheap systems from different plants are assembled. Ask for a catalog where all the presented systems are collected under one brand, manufacturer’s factory website should be indicated as well. The fact is that you know who produces German cars, household appliances, etc. Why shouldn’t you know who produces the systems that you plan to install.

  3. We bring these systems under-the-counter, that’s why it’s cheaper. Even if so, but how the service will be provided? For example, in 5 or 7 years? Whom should I address?
  4. And we have the same frameless sliding system, as they do, but an analog. There are no analogues; there is either a German car or a Chinese one. Chinese car cannot be an analogue of German one.

We hope the information provided will help you to make the right choice. Well, we will do our best to provide more useful information.

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