Frameless glazing system with heating

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You’ve built a summer house, terrace, barbecue area. You used it for some time and realized that it was standing in the dust all the time, it was impossible to stay there when the weather is bad, it was impossible to exploit it in winter. As a result, your dream is slowly turning into a place to store unnecessary items or a refuge for animals. And at some point you decide that you still need to glaze it. You have a choice between frame systems with heating (we keep it warm, but it loses attractive sight) and cold frameless sliding systems (not warm). Of course, the first thing that immediately comes to mind is to maintain comfort, that is, heat, which means you are choosing frame system with heating, but there is a significant drawback as it doesn’t fold, so during warm summer weather, we just lose the open area. In addition, do not forget that we are going to glaze an unheated room. We need it to be warm only when we are there. When we are gone, there is no need to heat the room. But the second thing we would like to preserve is the proximity to nature, and only sliding frameless systems give us such a feeling. So what should I do in such a difficult situation? But the situation is not so complicated; there is simply a lack of information about glass properties and the concept of a warm and cold system.

Now let’s go to the facts. The sun rays penetrating through ordinary glass heat objects in the room and the air temperature rises, and it rises equally in a room with warm systems, as well as with cold ones, because there is glass. The enclosed space does not allow warm air to escape. How long will the heat last? Exactly as long as sun rays will be penetrating into the room. So what will happen if there is no sunshine or the sun has set? The room will cool down, with the only difference being that a room with a warm system will cool down about 1 hour later. The same story will be repeated with artificial heat sources. While they are working, the room is warm, as soon as they are turned off, the room will cool down, no matter if warm or cold system is installed.

Conclusion. In unheated rooms, cold and warm systems work the same way. At the same time, sliding frameless systems in the closed position do not spoil the view. And in summer, when the weather is warm and calm, you can fully open the terrace and enjoy the nature.   

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