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С особенностями сборки и установки профилей и фурнитуры системы безрамного раздвижного остекления Vizyon KCS Вы можете ознакомиться в данном видеоролике.

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The glazing of balconies, gazebos, terraces, loggias with frameless sliding systems has already become one of the most popular design solutions, as they not only add the effect of transparency and lightness to the room, but also are very functional. All the flaps are mobile and you can move them in one direction. Enjoy the summer cool with Vizyon VBS sliding systems.

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The Vizyon VGS frameless sliding guillotine system is designed for cold glazing of summer areas of restaurants, cafes, bars or for private terraces and gazebos. When folded, it forms glass railings that will separate the room from the outside world, but at the same time open access to fresh air.

This video will help you better understand the design features of the system and understand its assembly.

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SCS-L frameless sliding system of the sliding type is considered to be one of the most popular frameless sliding glazing in the world, as it is simple not only in daily use, but also in installation. You can be convinced of it having watched a double video.

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Vizyon VBS sliding low-cost system is designed for balconies of regular shape, but, unfortunately, cannot be used for passing angles and radii. Standard equipment will be more suitable for this purpose. The video details the assembly and installation of profiles and accessories for frameless sliding glazing VBS Low-Cost.

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Calculate the cost by size

Our customers are very busy people. We save your time, therefore we simplified the work scheme and made it as convenient as possible for you.

If you want to know the approximate cost for the size of your terrace, balcony, then immediately go to the Price list , the price is for the finished construction with the installation VBS VBS-X, L SCS-X SCS-L KCS-L KCS  how can the systems work in systems video review

If you are already ready to place an order, then you no longer need to wait for the measurer, while adjusting your plans, it is enough:

Send photos of the openings you want to glaze (terrace, barbecue area, interior partition, etc.) and approximate dimensions (error up to 1 cm is permissible) to us by email biuro@vizyon.company or by WhatsApp number +48573 580 838. Alternatively, you can send a freehand drawing or a draft. Be sure to include your contacts for feedback. Indicate your wishes on the operation of the sliding system, if any.

We will make a calculation and send you a commercial proposal and video of the system that is more suitable in terms of technical parameters and your wishes, as well as write down the sequence of further actions to start the project in work.